As expats living in Thailand we are more than familiar with the problems associated with ordering food. What to eat? Where to eat? Who sells what? What was the name of the dish again?…

Even if you know what you want, ordering food is never an easy task as even the subtlest mispronounciation can result in confusion.

We searched around for a mobile application that would solve the above problems. There were some that were good but none of them ticked the necessary boxes to make them great! Therefore, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

AppeThai is designed to help tourists and expats break though the communication barrier, encourage them to try new dishes and assist them in navigating their way around the countries extensive and varied cuisine.


Over 200 Thai Dishes
AppeThai features an extensive collection of dishes ranging from popular dishes to regional specialities.

Advanced Search Methods
You can do a category search, keyword search, photo search or simply give it a shake and pick a dish at random. You can also browse your own personal favourites or browse based on recommendations from others.

Thai Language - Both Written And Spoken
Communication is one of the greatest obstacles to overcome when it comes to ordering food in Thailand. AppeThai solves this problem by displaying the name of the dish in Thai, as well as providing an audio snippet of the dish spoken with a clear Thai voice.

Pick Your Favourites
AppeThai allows you to easily mark down your favourite / regular dishes. This feature also helps you to monitor which foods you have tried already so that you can continue to broaden your experience of Thai cuisine.

Who? What? Where? When?
Find out what people recommend and where. Using the AppeThai Map feature you can easily locate nearby specialities.

Name Thailand Foods Menu Talk (Android) Thai Talking Food Menu Pro (Android/iPhone) Thai Food Menu Talk (Android) AppeThai Guide to Thai Food (iPhone) Thailand Menu Buddy Thai Street (iPhone) Thai Food Guide (iPhone) Taste Thai (iPhone)
Windows App
Number of dishes 60+ 100+ 70+ 200+ 100+ 100+ 137 170+
Thai audio
Map search
Photo search
Text input search